Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre Parking Lot Expansion at 2244 Innes Road in Ottawa, Ontario

A Parking Space Study conducted in 2018, identified at least 258 parking spaces are required to meet the needs of the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) property located at 2244 Innes Road in Ottawa, Ontario. Due to the limited number of the existing, permanent parking spaces at the OCDC Property, temporary overflow gravel parking was placed along the western part of the Property increasing the total number of available parking spaces to 224. Since this number is fewer than required, the project proposes to re-grade the overflow parking, cover the area with asphalt and paint dedicated parking lines. This work would optimize the layout and add additional parking spaces. The proposed design increases the number of parking spaces to 256, which is the maximum that can be accommodated without expanding to other areas of the property. Other features such as lighting, security cameras and site drainage will be included.


The OCDC property is currently under lease to Infrastructure Ontario from the National Capital Commission (NCC). As such, the NCC is the landowner and has a stake with regards to environmental concerns at the site. 


The Project Area will include the current gravel parking areas. Of note, the vegetated depression in the centre of the overflow parking is considered a wetland and will not be included as part of the Project Area or impacted by the proposed work. The project will produce 172 additional permanent parking spaces within the gravel areas. All staging and work areas will be within hardscaped areas previously impacted by the OCDC facility. The size of the Project Area is approximately 0.95 hectares (9,500 square metres [m2]) in size. Access to the parking will be from the north of the property at Innes Road.


The Project Area consists of generally flat, grass/landscaped areas with minor vegetation and trees. Additionally, current gravel parking spaces are present throughout. Further, the OCDC property located adjacent to the Project Area consists of paved asphalt parking lot areas, a vegetated depression feature, the OCDC facility buildings, and entrance driveways. The property is located in a mixture of community, commercial and parkland land uses.


The proposed work will be conducted with light duty construction machinery and equipment and will be fenced off accordingly to ensure public and wildlife safety. Construction is set to begin in April 2023 with a completion date of September 2023. Construction activities will be completed in accordance with municipal by-laws including, dust suppression, noise management, waste management, spills protection, silt fencing and sediment control measures and health and safety. All waste materials will be handled, managed, and disposed of daily according to applicable safety and environmental legislation. Further, any refuelling will be conducted on hard surfaces (e.g., asphalt, concrete) only and will maintain a minimum 30 metre buffer from any waterways.


No residual negative environmental effects are anticipated as the area is mostly developed and currently is utilized as gravel parking areas. Shrubbery along the northwestern boundary of the property and trees associated with the vegetated depression would be retained. However, a total of 17 trees will be removed to accommodate the parking lot expansion. New native tree species will be replanted to mitigate urban heat island effects associated with the parking lot expansion. Fence barriers would be erected beyond the critical root zones for trees that may have roots within the Project Area. Also, silt fencing would be installed at a 5-metre buffer from the wetland/vegetated depression at the center of the Project Area to prevent sediment from entering.  The stormwater management infrastructure would be improved by implementing a new underground exfiltration storage facility, and oil and grit separator placed downstream of the vegetated depression but upstream of the grated water channel at Mud Creek. Further, the culvert located downstream of the vegetated depression will be replaced and the depression will no longer be used for snow management. By implementing the new stormwater management infrastructure, the stormwater quantity would be reduced, and the quality improved prior to discharging into Green's Creek (north of Innes Road).


Latest update

April 17, 2023 – The National Capital Commission issued its Notice of Determination and determined that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Key documents

Key documents
Document Number Document Title File Date
2 Notice of Determination - April 17, 2023
1 Notice of Intent to Make a Determination - Start of Public Comment Period - February 17, 2023


National Capital Commission
Environmental Assessment
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