Town of Banff Bow River Sewer Siphon Liner Installation and In-Water Riffle Construction

The Town of Banff is proposing a project that will improve the security of the pre-existing double sewer siphon lines that run under the Bow River, and serve as a backup system for sewage transport from the north side of town to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the south side of the town. Major project activities include: excavation and installation of a liner in the two existing sewer siphon pipes that run across the Bow River between Muskrat St. and Glen Ave; and the construction of an in-water riffle structure of rip rap and cobble in the Bow River that will protect the existing sewer lines from river bed scour that has been occurring during high-water events. Currently the exiting lines have become exposed to the elements in places, thus increasing the risk of line failure. The existing sewer siphon pipes in the river bed are used as a backup system by the Town of Banff to transport sewage by gravity feed in times of lift station failure. The existing lift station is designed to pump the sewage up and through the main sewer lines that are currently suspended under the Muskrat St. Pedestrian Bridge.


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Latest update

April 15, 2022 – The public comment period on the project is closed. Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada are considering comments received to help inform its determination on whether the carrying out of the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.



Banff National Park
Box 900
Banff, Alberta T1L 1K2
Telephone: 403-762-1419

  • Location

    • Banff National Park (Alberta)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Water Management
    • Maintenance activities (fences, walls)
  • Assessment Status

    In progress
  • Start Date

  • Proponent

    Town of Banff
  • Authorities

    • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    • Parks Canada Agency
    • Transport Canada
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
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