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Attachment Community Benefits Agreement strengthened by meaningful Oversight committee

  • Marathon Palladium Project
  • Author: Sarah Newbery snewbery1
  • Reference Number: 1316
  • Submitted: 2022-10-22 - 3:49 PM
  • Project Phase: N/A
  • Participation Notice: Public Notice: Public Comments Invited on Potential Conditions
  • I presented to the panel on the importance of having a robust community benefits agreement and those comments are reflected in part in the following: Recommendation 82: GenPGM should provide sufficient financial support to fund key community services or organizations in support of fitness and recreational programs for workers. These programs should be carried out in existing facilities. Recommendation 83: The Proponent should work with the Town of Marathon to establish an oversight committee comprising local and regional citizens that would have access to Project reporting and regular Project updates. GenPGM should work with the Town to identify an agreed level of funding to support the operation of the committee. A community benefits agreement would not only establish proponent funded tangible benefits beyond short term employment, but would also provide a mechanism through which the proponent's ...
  • Attachment Included
  • Local Citizens Need a Community Benefits Agreement and an Independent Oversight Committee Dr. Sarah Newbery Local Physician, * Northern Ontario School of Medicine On Behalf of Cit izens for Responsible Industry in Northwestern Ontario Miigwetch to Biigtigong Anishinaabek for sharing their unceded traditional territory with us today. 1 What is Possible? • Effective network of government agencies, c it izens, business people, academic institutions, and non-government organizations working together to build a project that benefits al l stakeholders, over the long term to ensure optimized benefits DURING project while also ensuring future benefits from land/water/resources are not eroded. • Holistic/systems thinking that includes cumulative impacts • Clear, measurable goals Town of Marathon from Picnic Hill 2 What is a Community Benefits Agreement? • A signed, legally enforceable agreement, having clear monitoring and enforcement mechanisms; • Specific to ...


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