Day 11

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Day 11 was very interesting. This has become a learning process for me. 

When a person or a group is trying to help and not just object they usually share their concerns and offer what to them would be an acceptable solution. Some might go further and point out some positives that the proponent has shown.

Some of today's presenters asked questions of GenPgm. Even though Pgm answered their question clearly they proceded to ask the same question again with a different format.

Others suggested that they don't agree with some of GenPgm's findings. I find that offensive on two parts . Either the presenters think that the experts don't know how to their job or that GenPgm is making up results to their advantage ( which is illegal). Some presenters argued about the adverse reaction of Pgm on human health. They stated that Canada does not currently have a limit as not enough data is available.  If  GenPgm is not required to do this by law why bring  it up?  Furthermore any figure that GenPgm comes up with will be useless as there are no parameters in Canada as stayed by the presenters. Finally no specifics to the adverse reaction were given. So the severity of the impact is unknown.

It was stated that  mercury levels at all bodies of waters have exceeded the recommended levels. As a result the water is not suitable for 15 year olds or younger and women of child bearing age.

I don't understood the concern since the water and fish tissue is already contaminated. It is my understanding that GenPgm has reported minimum levels of mercury as a direct impact of the project. Logically then I would assume that with the information provided its safe to conclude that there will be no impact in that regard.( just my opinion)

Generation experts did exceptionally well at all the questions directed at them and there were a lot. They answered the questions and supported that by referring to the EIS.

The presenters for the town of Marathon reiterated that without a doubt the financial benefits to the town makes this project necessary for their economic progress.

Overall another great day of hearings and as usual GenPgm showed respect and professionalism in both presentations and answers to questions. 

I would suggest that some of the concerned parties visit the town of Marathon and the project site to see if their concerns are warranted. After all we are all after making this project as safe as possible to all.



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Sam Bawab
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2022-03-29 - 11:42 PM
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