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As community leaders, we believe that the Marathon Palladium Project has been properly studied by experts and the time for this project is now. It is important for Ontario and Canada. Let’s not be afraid of this opportunity and hide from the criticism that will come with any development project. Let us be the responsible stewards of our future and ensure that economic and social sustainability for our grandchildren and future generations are at the fore, while at the same time we are respecting the lands which we live upon. It is through this vision that Marathon supports mining.


The Town of Marathon, as a registered supporter of the Marathon Palladium Project, offers the following comments on the potential federal environmental assessment conditions:


Any final federal conditions that would become legally-binding upon the Proponent must be based on sound science and/or fact-based through value-driven data and research. Conditions that become legally-binding cannot be emotion-based concerns or arguments and must not be predicated on subjective or objective interpretations of potential outcomes. Legally-binding conditions should also not be imposed unless they pass a materiality test.


Legally-binding conditions at the federal level should not duplicate permits that are required at the provincial (Ontario) level.


If the Minister of Environment and Climate Change issues a decision statement allowing the project to proceed, legally-binding conditions should not be an impediment for the project to proceed as scheduled. Rather, the conditions and appropriate mitigation measures should proceed in parallel with project development milestones. This would ultimately add more value to the overall project scope and process.


The Town does envision the negotiation of a Community Benefits-type Agreement between the Proponent and the Town that addresses socio-economic and community development initiatives that are mutually beneficial. The content of such an agreement would be developed and agreed upon between the two parties through positive and respectful dialogue that has been ongoing for a number of years to date.

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Corporation of the Town of Marathon
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Public Notice: Public Comments Invited on Potential Conditions
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2022-10-11 - 11:08 AM
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