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I would like to say that I am very impressed at the way Genpgm and the first nations groups are interacting together. Genpgm on their part have demonstrated their respect for the First Nations right to the land and its resources. BN on their part demonstrated that they are for progress as long as its done in an environmentally responsible manner,that protects the environment and wildlife equally. I hope that this level of corroboration continues as the project progresses ( should permits be granted)

I would like to thanks  BN and Genpgm for keeping the public informed about the discussions that are happening to ensure a smooth relationship when it comes to this project.


Hoping to see favorable results on next week's vote and the decision that will be rendered by both the federal and provincial governments.


Thank you

Sam Bawab

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Sam Bawab
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2022-11-13 - 10:45 AM
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