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Good Afternoon,

My name is Tyler Davis. I have owned and operated a business here in Marathon, Ontario since December of 2010. Born and raised in Marathon, I am proud to be able to contribute to the local economy while giving back to the community that I call home. Like most communities in rural Northern Ontario, Marathon has seen it's fair share of challenges over the past 20 years. If not for the Barrick-Hemlo Gold Mine, we would not enjoy the quality of life that we do today. We are a mining community and we rely on this industry to keep our community afloat. Generation Mining's Marathon Palladium project is crucial to our future. This project would benefit the entire North Shore in so many ways, not limited to the following;

  • provide direct employment for people from Marathon and other north shore communities including area First Nations
  • provide spin-off employment through the establishment of new businesses
  • provide a much needed boost to existing businesses (more people = more business)
  • provide further educational opportunities for local youth (more students = more course options)
  • more users for existing recreational facilities/groups and opportunities for new activities/options

The bottom line is that more people in our community is better for the community. The ripple effects touch all aspects of our quality of life. We have the infrastructure and we have the facilities. We have also shown that we can effectively and safely host large groups of construction workers, as per the successful completion of Valard's East-West tie project here in Marathon. 

I truly believe that our local leaders, and the leadership team from Generation Mining, have provided sufficient and creative solutions to the concerns that have been raised throughout these hearings. Please do not let this opportunity slip by. The metals mined from this project are key to a green future- and critical to our future. As a local business owner, and lifelong resident, I am pleased to support this project.

Thank you for your time,
Tyler Davis

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