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I agree with the administration of my town, Marathon, that we ought to strive to be "responsible stewards of our future and ensure that economic and social sustainability for our grandchildren and future generations are at the fore, while at the same time we are respecting the lands which we live upon."  Federal and provincial governments struggle to oversee the environmental performance of mines, mills and industry, generally.  Let's support the government and citizens with an independent oversight committee.

A pulp mill just a short distance up the shore of the world's biggest lake is notorious for polluting the lake.  Let's do better with this project.  Let's be leaders by setting up an oversight committee that can ensure robust oversight.

When the pulp mill in my town closed, I (like the other employees) was left with a small part of my expected pension.  Again, governments struggle to provide effective oversight with regards to the behavior of companies.  Let's put in place some guardrails at the start of this project.

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Ted Schintz
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2022-10-21 - 5:52 PM
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