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I don't support the current proposed mine proceeding because of the Joint Review Panel's report, which states that the mine will cause adverse environmental effects despite the mitigation measures being proposed.

I am specifically concerned about the planned discharges to Biigtig Ziibi during mine closure.  I also don't believe the mine (in its curent proposal) should proceed due to the Panel's statement that there will be significant adverse enviironmental and cumulative effects on Biigtigong Nishnaabeg's current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes, physical and cultural heritage, and health and socio-economic conditions. I am also concerned about the panel's expectation that the mine will cause adverse impacts on Lake Sturgeon habitat in Biggtig Ziibi,Little Brown Myotis,Northern Myotis,Woodland Caribou Habitat and Connectivity (Significant) and Eastern Whip-Poor-Will.

While I do not recommend that the project proceed (given the known adverse impacts which cannot be mitigated), if the project does proceed, there needs to be a neutral third-party oversight committee to hold the proponent accountable to the mitigations identified in agreements with Biigtigong, and in the environmental assessment. 


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Robin Heron
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Public Notice: Public Comments Invited on Potential Conditions
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2022-10-23 - 10:00 AM
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