independent oversight committee members must have proven skills, knowledge, experience in environmental issues

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I am writing with my own personal views today, not as a member of an organization.

In response to proposed conditions 12,13,14 145137E.pdf ( (

It is of the utmost importance that an effective independent oversight committee be established for the life of this project, not just regarding the construction and closure. In addition to members from the Marathon municipal government and the Biigtigong government, the committee must have members with a proven interest in and knowledge of environmental issues.

The Marathon Municipal government does not have a track record of being concerned about environmental issues. For example, faced with an increase cost to the recycling program in (approximately) 2020, the Marathon municipal government simply cancelled the entire household recycling program. All recyclables in the waste stream would have to go to landfill. After it had been cancelled, citizens expressed their concern about the cancellation of the program. It was only in response to concerns voiced by citizens that the town investigated whether a new deal could be reached to continue household recycling in the town of Marathon. In fact, the new deal resulted in a more extensive recycling program than the previous program.

The chief of Biigtigong has a financial interest in this project.

Members of the independent oversight committee must have no political nor financial stake in the project. These members may be affiliated with a university or with non-profit organizations. These members must have the experience and knowledge necessary to establish themselves as equal partners in the committee work.

Sarah Newberry’s PowerPoint presentation to the panel outlined the criteria necessary for an effective oversight committee.

Regarding condition 12, the parameters for selecting, training and overseeing the monitors need to be managed by the independent oversight committee.


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Teri Burgess

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