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The green revolution is trying to omit harmful emissions from machinery by replacing gas with electric power.

I think everyone would love for the green movement to be implemented as soon as possible. 

Cars emissions account for almost 25% of co2 emissions in the environment and that is in countries that monitor and regulate emissions like Canada does. Other countries do not have the infrastructure to gather such data and inforce such rules.

How do we get to the point that rids mother earth of 25% co2 and gives our children a better cleaner future?

Well the main things we need are minerals to achieve those goals. If we all keep saying no to sustainable mining then the least we can do is go back to horses and carriages.

We need companies like Genpgm that is managed by a very environmentally conscious management team, we need First Nation officials involved not only to ensure economic benefits but also to help keep things sustainable and the community safe.

I believe that Genpgm has demonstrated that they are willing to install state of the art monitoring system and immediately rectify any unforseen events if any.

This earth is hurting from all the pollution that humans bring onto it, all the trees we cut,all the cars we drive and all the factories we build. The true insult to mother nature is having a green solution and not doing whatever it takes to start healing mother earth.

I see articles all the time about scientists trying to find another planet that sustains life. I believe if the same efforts are aimed at sustaining life on a planet that we already know about hint (earth) we would be able to heal this earth from centuries of pollution. 

I believe that mines that have social consciousness like this one should be allowed to move forward so humans can continue to enjoy their luxuries and at the same time help the earth recover. 


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Sam Bawab
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2022-10-05 - 5:14 PM
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