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Attachment Willem Langenberg

2020-11-16 10:24
  • Reference Number 846
  • Coal Geology
  • A very good Geological Survey of Canada report exists. It is GSC Bulletin 449: (I will also upload report). This report is based on exploration reports by Scurry-Rainbow and Consol. To me it appears that Benga just used these reports and their geological consultants only refer to Riversdale geological data. Benga is not using proper data reference. I am disappointed this GSC Bulletin 449 is nowhere mentioned in the Grassy Mountain hearing documents.
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  • ljohnsto Regular White GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA BULLETIN 449 STRUCTURAL STYLE OF THE KOOTENA Y GROUP, WITH PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO THE MIST MOUNTAIN FORMATION ON GRASSY MOUNTAIN, ALBERTA D.K. Norris 1994 © M inister of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada 1994 Available in Canada through authorized bookstore agents and other bookstores or by mail from Canada Communication Group - Publi shing Ottawa, Canada K 1 A OS9 and from Geological Survey of Canada offices: 601 Booth Street Ottawa, Canada K 1 A OE8 3303-33rd Street N .W ., Calgary, Alberta T2L 2A 7 A deposit copy of this publication is also available for reference in public libraries across Canada Cat. No. M42-449/E ISBN 0-660-14981-8 Price subject to change without notice Cover description No. 5 Pit, Grassy Mountain. ISPG photo. 2398-71. Critical readers R.M. Bustin D.W. Gibson Scientific editor N.C. 01/erenshaw Editor N.C. Ollerenshaw M.E. McMechan G.G. Smith ...

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