Strategy to Eliminate Environmental Concerns while Creating Long Term Economic Benefits and Cultural Renaissance

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Oki (Greetings) Friends,  please see attached PDF for overview illustration (fig1.1 Hydroelectric Process) and more information including project phases.

Summary  -  Strategy :


The Colonial Resource Extraction States of Alberta and Canada are orchestrating an Australian company to decapitate Grassy Mountain with a strip coal-mining  operation; selling the coal to China for steel production in China.  Going back over 20 years in Crowsnest Pass history to the coal mining days.  Corporate Captured    Governments across the board see an easy opportunity for 1% royalty payouts through selling our primary resources to China.  The people are not impressed; and look for ways to protect our air and water from becoming uninhabitable.  Many say they will move away if the mine is built.

Strategy: Implement a plan to show how to take responsibly to maximize profits and minimize destruction and contamination of human habitat and waters. 

Coal is a resource like the Buffalo: Taking coal is not the problem.  It is taking it all at once, making dust and leaving a mess; leaving nothing to future generations that is the problem.  To create Steel we can vent Carbon from the mountain and dont even need to mine coal.

Before colonization took them all: We managed the infinite ocean of buffalo to always be there for us; so too It is possible to sustainably manage our coal and other resources so that we will always be able to make high value steel goods for self sufficiency and international trade.   

1:  Keep the coal in order to produce our own High Grade Steel that is better than steel made in China.  Make more money for everyone involved.

To solve the issue of Resource Extraction Syndrome (See Definitions); we must majorly keep the primary resource locally and consciously apply next level  techniques to produce greater value from our resources over a longer timeline.

 2: Lengthen the timeline to produce greater money value and diversity to local economy and investors portfolios over a longer time period. 

Lengthening the Timeline:  By slowing the rate of extraction and adjusting the techniques to be totally restorative and regenerative for local communities:    Creating a cycle of infinite abundance in alignment with the Mother Earth and in harmony with the elements of nature.

3: Produce a self sufficient bio-regional diversified economy and infrastructure and community that is like Silicon -Valley that also mines our own rare earth elements for making our own tech.   so we are attempting to bring as many components of the supply chain as possible down to the local level for producing our own vehicles, computers and other tech.

4:  Minimize usage of coal through changing mining and smelting techniques and applications. Carbon for steel smelting can be attained through coal gas from venting the in ground resource.  Robots can be utilized for small scale non strip mining that leaves behind useful legacy architecture.

5: Follow plan as outlined in PHASES (see PHASES in attached .PDF) to balance the elements and achieve higher dimensional frequency alignment within the earth.


I am a member of the Kainai(Blood) Tribe of the Blackfoot Nation.   To be clear our people were not consulted on this project. Our elected officials approved the project along with all the other Blackfoot Tribes: This happens because Canada bribes our corrupted leaders to do what they say; and they will do whatever Canada says for short term bribe money in their pockets.  People do not get to vote on policy: All we get is to choose who the next sitting dictator is who gets to do whatever they get the most bribe money for.   There is no vision and no real leadership from tribal elected officials; or our elected Provincial Government: As can be seen in this sort sighted strip mining project that has no vision and falls under the deplorable guidance of Trump the Con Man who promoted Coal during his disgraceful waste of time in office.   Albertains and Canadians are also not allowed to vote on policy or projects.  The review panels like this can be easily ignored by corporate governments who have a agenda and business plan they are pushing on us like this Coal Mine and the Tarsands.  Therefore it is not a true Demoocracy, but a corporatocracy run by billionaires and companies(including corporate canada and alberta) who want to sell our resources internationally as has been happening since they shipped of millions of buffalo skeletons on their rail cars to be sold cheap on international markets.  This has always been their basic business plan; and Canada has been set up to be a resource extraction state by international broakers and power players who turn massive proffits off our cheap primary resources.

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