in opposition of the grassy mountain coal project

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I oppose the grassy mountain coal project for many reasons. The communities that will be most effected are not given any say in this matter as they have not had any substantial communication/consultation from Riversdale Resources.This mine would destroy sacred land and prevent residents from continuing sacred traditions of living off the land. Ignoring the detrimental health impacts that the mining byproducts will have on nearby citizens (as well as the land) is completely irresponsible. Although they claim to have a system to safely manage selenium, there is no way to manage all waste created by this project. There is already several health crisis's that the government of alberta needs to address, people are suffering. Although some tribes are supporting this, sadly many are not thinking of what is best for everyone, and this support should not override the fact that this mine will cause an irreversible amount of damage to people and the land for years to come. Riversdale is advertising this project as eco friendly which is an extremely effective marketing technique, but the reality of this coal mine is much uglier than what they want to believe. 

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sarah yarn
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2021-01-15 - 5:57 PM
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