This will be a catastrophic health crisis for human kind and the environment.

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This project will, without a shadow of a doubt, destroy human life and environmental ecosystems that we all rely on to survive.
Do we human beings have any say anymore? Are there no more conversations with the people? Because it appears it has become an issue versus them.

it's like we're all on a ship. The same ship. We've weathered many storms and have needed several repairs along the way. The leaders and decision makers, the captains if you will, are supposed to look out for the crew, you know, all the folks that help things run smoothly and so that we have a future to live and see another day. Now the people on top haven't seen the ocean in SO long that they have forgotten, they are on the same ship as the people. And so they have a brilliant idea to pop a hole in the ship so it will bring them closer to their "ideal view." They don't seem to realize, popping a hole in a ship will surely cause other people problems. Like many will die trying to stop the ship from sinking. And surely, there is the chance that ALL will perish because the damage will be irreparable:

the damage here will be irreparable.

Without clean water, we don't have life.

There is not amount of money or riches that will save you in the end. When we have no clean water. When you can not eat a fish from a river or stream. When animals and ecosystems die. When you ignorantly turn the world into one, big flint Michigan (secretly, letting people and nature be poisoned).

I hope, I pray, that my children will have a world to live in. Can we all scream loud enough that the captain will care ?? Can he hear us !! 

there is a crystal ball here. This is NOT a good idea in the slightest and the consequences will be so grave and completely, irreversible.

Please, PLEASE, help humanity & do not allow this to happen. It was outlawed for a reason 

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Laura Brooks
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2021-01-15 - 6:00 PM
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