Open Pit Mining in Canadian Rockies

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to voice my extreme concern and displeasure of the Government of Alberta's plan to modify the long standing prohibition on mining coal in the Canadian Rockies.  This change would do irrevocable harm to the landscape, water, and wildlife surrounding the Canadian Rockies.  This policy change is so short sighted that I couldn't believe it at first.   The Kenney government claims that this policy change will create jobs and economic growth, hence it should proceed.  The number of jobs that are estimated to be created are in fact quite small, unless you count those that might come from the necessity of cleaning up the environmental catastrophe that will result from the mining.  Some estimate that the clean up costs will far exceed the economic benefit to the province from these mines.  

As an Albertan, I am incensed that my government would proceed with such a drastic policy change without any consultation with the pulic.  It is yet another example of how the Kenney government is mismanaging the province for his own (financial?) gain.

As a Canadian, I implore you to please put a stop to the proposed open pit mines in the Canadian Rockies.  The natural beauty of this area is a treasure for all of us and should be preserved for the generations to come. 

Best regards,

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Alexis Morris
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2021-01-15 - 6:00 PM
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