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As a tribal member of the Blackfoot Confederation and Blood Reserve and a resident of the community of Crowsnest Pass, I strongly oppose any mining activity along the Rocky Mountains. Coal is an antiquated form of energy and not worth investing in for a short burst of job prosperity for some at the risk of water, air, and ground contamination that could affect generations to come over a huge widespread region that encompasses the Old Man and South Saskatchewan watersheds. There are many more alternative opportunities to look to invest in our economy which are much less invasive on the environment and could be equally prosperous to those who stand to gain such as the surrounding communities - such as promoting and becoming a leader in recreation and tourism, and utilizing the vast amounts of wind and solar potential in the area. It is very short-sighted and self-interested of the UCP government to attempt to sell out the land from under its occupants with little to no proper consultation - quite reminiscent of what happened the to native peoples when Canada was formed. It is the inability of the leadership and many individuals in positions of power to be able to make an empathetic connection through conscious awareness to the land and Mother Earth in general that continues to plague our society with problems. As long as there are people who don't think or care to think about the full effects of their own actions (and ours as a human being and society), we will continue to fail as a society because greed will overcome us and we will constantly be divided. These are the types of people that seem to be currently in power in the provincial AB government. This will not last as you can see, the people are growing more vocal and opposed to the foolish decisions being made. You as a direct supervisor and influencer of this country that was created have the ability to stop the irrational nonsense that the AB government is trying to spin. Please, for all of us, give Mr. Kenny a hard slap upside the back of the head and then put him against the wall to be stoned.

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Greg Williams-Freeman
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2021-01-15 - 5:59 PM
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