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Runoff management system optimization project at Pointe-Noire facilities

The Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire(SFPPN) owns industrial, rail and port infrastructure in the Pointe-Noire sector in Sept-Îles, Quebec. In order to ensure the efficiency of its facilities and equipment in terms of surface water management, the SFPPN wishes to optimize its surface water drainage system, in particular with regard to the collection and water treatment, optimization of existing equipment or installations (pumping stations, ditches and treatment plant), disposal of sludge and the decantation system of its red water treatment plant. The water management at the SFPPN site will take into account the division of the watersheds of the industrial site. The work aimed at optimizing the drainage system will affect properties alongside those of the SFPPN, including land belonging to the Port of Sept-Îles.


This map is for illustrative purposes. The markers represent the approximate locations based on available data. More than one marker may be identified for a given project.


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