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2020-06-22 0:00
  • Reference Number 2066
  • RBT2 Panel Review Report Not the Foundation for Any Approval of Project by ECCC or BC EAO.
  • Please see attached.
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  • Open Letter to: Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario June 18, 2020 Dear Hon. Minister Wilkinson: Re: Fraser Voices Review of the CEAA Panel Review Report on the RBT2 Proposal. On April 11, 2020 Fraser Voices issued a Press Release based on our early review of the March 27, 2020Federal Panel Review Report for the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. A copy of our press release is attached for your information. In that we now have done a more complete review of this large report we take this opportunity to summarize our major concerns. More detailed comments are attached as an addendum. The Panel did succeed in identifying most of the possible significant adverse and deleterious impacts of the RBT2 project. These impacts pose a major threat to the life in the Fraser River ecosystem and the very survival of the Fraser Estuary. Despite the above, the Review Panel ...
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  • 0 Fraser Voices Review of the CEAA Panel Review Report on the RBT2 Proposal. Review of the March 27, 2020 CEAA (IAAC) Public Impact Panel Review Report on the Proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project - June 22, 2020 Fraser Voices, other conservation groups, conservation agencies, First Nations and local governments have concluded that the CEAA Public Panel Review report on the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project does NOT serve as the scientific, economic, public values and common sense foundation for the approval of this project. Recent global events (e.g. COVID 19) must serve as a turning point in much of our thinking related to enjoyment and quality of life, environmental protection and global business as related to our Lower Fraser Valley community. The project is now at a more critical crossroad and should not be approved by our Federal or BC governments. Should more shipping capacity be needed in the ...


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