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Please find attached the following documents as technical feedback to the IAAC regarding the Deltaport Expansion assessment process documentation. 


1. A letter outlining feedback on 141799E-Joint Guidelines, specifically on Road and Rai components (141799E-Joint Guidelines-Road Rail-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-28.pdf)

2. A letter outlining feedback on 141799E-Joint Guidelines in general, responding to IAAC’s 3 questions (141799E-Joint Guidelines-Stolo-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-28)

3. A letter outlining feedback on 141800E, draft joint assessment plan  (141800E PRRO Cover Letter-DP4 2022-01-28)

4. A marked up version of the draft joint assessment plan (141800E - PRRO Review.pdf)

5. A letter outlining feedback on 141802E, the draft Indigenous Engagement Plan (141802E-Indigenous Engagement Plan-Stolo-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-27.pdf)


A number of the points overlap. However, I have included separate items for the record in relation to each piece of IAAC guidelines and documentation. 


At this time, please consider the attachments an initiation technical response via the PRRO. The PRRO requires time to engage with the S’ólh Téméxw Stewardship Alliance board and communities in order to provide substantive input on the DP4 project and assessment process.


These responses may be placed on the public record of the review process.

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Administrator on behalf of People of the River Referrals Office
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  • 141799E-Joint Guidelines-Road Rail-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-28.pdf (1.7 MB)
  • 141799E-Joint Guidelines-Stolo-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-28.pdf (848.1 KB)
  • 141800E - PRRO Reiew.pdf (505.7 KB)
  • 141800E PRRO Cover Letter-DP4 2022-01-28.pdf (111.2 KB)
  • 141802E-Indigenous Engagement Plan-Stolo-PRRO cover letter 2022-01-27.pdf (120.9 KB)
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