The Tilbury LNG Expansion is good for the community and good for BC

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Dear Sir/Madames:

I am writing to support the Tilbury LNG expansion project for the following reasons:

1. the project will produce clean-burning LNG that will replace Bunker C and MGO as ship fuels, thereby greatly reducing NOx, SOx and particulate emissions in my community and across BC

2. the project will be fully electrified (E-LNG), so it will be the cleanest LNG facility on the planet

3. The project supports the BC natural gas industry, which from a GHG emission perspective is 5 to 8 times cleaner than the US industry on a life-cycle carbon analysis

4. The project will create hundreds of jobs during construction.  During operation, it will create ~100 direct jobs and 300 indirect opportunities for people in the lower mainland.

5. LNG jobs tend to be high-paying, full time family wage positions, which we so desperately need as we rebuild our economy post Covid-19

6. the project will create spin off opportunities for businesses across BC

7. the project will support fuel switching from coal to LNG, which represents a 50% decrease in GHG emissions.

I see absolutely no negative effects from advancing this project, please do it expediently and efficiently.

Thank you for reviewing my comments.

Yours truly, Fred Scott P.Eng. 

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Frederick Scott
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Date Submitted
2020-06-25 - 8:47 PM
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