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Hi Debra, I clipped this image from google earth and thought perhaps you might like to see it.  It shows the footprint of exploration in the Ring of Fire. It’s not even the full footprint but it’s telling and this is before full mine development. In case you aren’t familiar with exploration rules in Ontario, there are no requirements for restoration of land after exploration projects are completed. Proponents must cap drill holes and keep materials (drill casings and fluids) 30 m away from water bodies.  See part III of the provincial standards for early exploration (attached).


Also, these activities do not go through provincial environmental review. The “trails” are especially worrisome as you can see from below. While Ontario claims early exploration impacts are benign, in this ecosystem, they are permanent.


This is why we think the current footprint of exploration must be included in the regional assessment. I think I saw NRCAN also recommended something similar which is appropriate given the scale and pace of activities here even before full mine development. Ontario is also the only jurisdiction in Canada that does not require a provincial environmental assessment for mine projects.


If this is all familiar to you then apologies for duplicating the material in this email. I find these images unsettling and I’m someone who’s flown over the Ring of Fire several times and visited the exploration camps first hand.




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