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We are writing as concerned citizens of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario in regards to the drafted Regional Assessment for the Ring of Fire. 


The assessment as it is currently drafted does not prioritize the health of the water, the air, the climate, or the people; it only priorities industry. To propose mining in such a vulnerable ecological area, one that supports our climate as an invaluable carbon sink, is a shortsighted and foolish notion that does not look out for the best interests of Ontarians or Canadians. How will developing the Ring of Fire affect us in the future? Those curious should not look to this drafted Regional Assessment for the answer, as the most basic and important questions will not be asked. 


I ask you to please stop this Regional Assessment, as it is inadequate in its scope. A Regional Assessment should be drafted that considers the health of the watersheds and any mining or metal processing facilities potentially to result, i.e. the smelter proposed for the Sault Ste. Marie area. Indigenous communities should and must drive the assessment process and consideration of their best interests should be at the forefront. 


Thank you for hearing us, 

- Maggie Gasparetto and Roy Kreutzberger

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Administrator on behalf of Maggie Gasparetto and Roy Kreutzberger
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