WCS Canada Comments: Planning the Regional Assessment in the Ring of Fire Area (Project Reference Number 80468)

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Please find attached the complete submission from WCS Canada to IAAC on the request for information, including Appendices in support of our comments. We have provided feedback on what the RA for the Ring of Fire should include and how it should be conducted, particularly in relation to governance and First Nations. We look forward to discussing our submission. Please feel free to contact us below.

Yours sincerely,


Cheryl Chetkiewicz, PhD

Conservation Scientist

cchetkiewicz@wcs.org (mailto:cchetkiewicz@wcs.org)             




Constance O’Connor, PhD

Associate Conservation Scientist

coconnor@wcs.org (mailto:coconnor@wcs.org)




Justina Ray, PhD                                                                                      

President and Senior Scientist                                                                         

jray@wcs.org (mailto:jray@wcs.org) 



Claire Farrell, MSc

Associate Conservation Scientist

cfarrell@wcs.org (mailto:cfarrell@wcs.org)



Meg Southee, MSc

GIS Analyst and Spatial Data Manager




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[2] (#_ftnref2) https://www.timminspress.com/news/local-news/mushkegowuk-chiefs-call-for-moratorium-on-development-within-ring-of-fire

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[4] (#_ftnref4) https://www.canada.ca/en/impact-assessment-agency/corporate/acts-regulations/forward-regulatory-plan/forward-regulatory-plan-2019-2021.html

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Cheryl Chetkiewicz
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    2021-01-20 - 4:08 PM
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