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As federally recognized members of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation we the Young sisters believe that we have a duty to provide comments and share our concerns relating to the ecosystem of the island of Newfoundland, with particular focus on protecting spiritually and culturally significant lands, as well as preventing disturbance to the extremely important wildlife which is located in the proposed Valentine Gold Mine Project area. We are Dayna M. Young and Kelly M. Young of Stephenville, NL. Our leisure time has often been spent in the wilderness of the island of Newfoundland with our parents, who are avid participants in hiking and documenting the unique ecosystem which the Province offers. We have spent time enjoying the various wildlife and harvesting resources, such as berries, from the land. We understand the importance of voicing concerns surrounding culturally and spiritually important aspects of their homeland. 

Attached are our comments on the Proposed Valentine Gold Project, and its potential impacts to the way of life for the Indigenous peoples in Ktaqmkuk.

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