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Please find attached 2 documents in regards to the proposed Valentine Lake Gold Mine. As an environmental non for profit charitable organization in the province, we have concerns in regard to the impact this project may have on wildlife, especially caribou.  In May 2019, the NL provincial wildlife division recommended against the mine because of concerns that the mine development would negatively impact several caribou herds that use this area as a migration corridor. CPAWS NL  has sought experts (  Dr. B. Kopach, MSES Inc) to review the caribou assessment ( attached), which points out several aspects that are inadequate. We have also observed other environmental concerns and have identified them in an additional document ( attached) and seek clarification and additional information to be publically provided.
Therefore, we recommend that this mine development not be approved unless the plan for evaluating and mitigating the possible impacts on caribou, have addressed the concerns raised by these reviews and unless the NL wildlife division is satisfied that the predicted impacts on caribou have been effectively predicted and the mine proposes an adequate plan for mitigating predicted impacts on caribou.
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Environmental Impact Statement
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