Draft Environmental Assessment Reports and Draft Potential Conditions for the Central Ridge Exploration Drilling Project, West Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling Project and the BHP Canada Exploration Drilling Project.

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I am responding in regards to the three projects and wanted to provide comments on each of the Draft EA Report and EA Conditions once I completed reviewing each.  As I just completed the review of the Central Ridge EA Report and EA Conditions I have the following comment on each of the reports and conditions 


BHP Canada Draft EA Report and Potential EA Conditions

Central Ridge Draft EA Report and Potential EA Conditions

West Flemish Pass Draft EA Report and Potential EA Conditions


Each of the Draft EA Reports and EA Conditions, as I reviewed and please note I am not an expert in this field but from reviewing and getting clarification on some wording used within these reports, I did have a few questions but as I reviewed the material, I feel my questions were answered. 


I believe each of the 3 projects provided a well written and detailed explanation of each section that was discussed.


As for the Indigenous material covered and information provided in response to some Indigenous First Nations questions, I found the answers provided was very informative and covered majority of the material I was wondering about,  to be specific, the Atlantic Salmon.


The only concern I had, which I had mentioned, was the migration patterns and noise factors with these projects.  The long term effects of these two areas does provide some concern, but like I had mentioned, the overall documents did answer my questions satisfactory.  


As I continue to build up my capacity in this area, I believe I had a great understanding of the material. 


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Wendell LaBobe
Consultations Coordinator

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