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Hi Erin,


Finally able to take a look through this, as I have been away for a while. 


Overall, it's well written but I do have one point of feedback. Within the section there is fairly regular reference to the Southall et al. paper released in 2007. It was a fundamental piece of work when released and helped to shape many regulatory frameworks for cetacean hearing thresholds in relation to oil and gas, in particular. The team should be aware there was an update to this paper released this year (March, 2019) - I have attached it here for reference. The Shoutall et al., team reconveined and analyzed the hearing thresholds of ALL species of marine mammals. It is far more detailed and I believe some of this information may be beneficial in updating a few of the tables within this particular section of the RA. 


While it is still somewhat common to lump taxa of marine mammals together in regards to their hearing thresholds and likelihood of  experiencing any type of disturbance or trauma due to anthropogenic noise, science is now going the route of looking at individual species. Anatomical structure, morphology and physiology are just some of the topics that come into play - as well as the realization that there are species and groups for which we do not have sufficient data. 


I think this new paper should be included within this RA section as the literature within the field of marine mammal acoustics is changing daily and it would communicate some of the most recent science.


Any questions please let me know. About to take a look at seabirds now :) 





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