Fifteen Mile Stream Mine

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To whom it may concern, my name is Adam Gilbert and I want to speak out in opposition of the Fifteen Mile Stream goldmine potentially operating in Nova Scotia in the near future.


We are currently facing a climate crisis. This seems to be generally accepted fact in the science community. The complications that arise from this climate crisis will be challenging in ways we've likely never faced before. it seems to me that every decision made from this point forward, especially on a provincial or national level should be made with the intention of reducing the threats associated with climate change as much as possible. Opening a new mine flies in the face of what climate experts are saying we should do and that in and of itself should be enough reason to halt this project before it begins. 
Beyond the fact that a new gold mine is backwards in the face of this looming climate crisis, the profits it will bring will be short lived in relation to the lasting damage the mine will do to wildlife and forests in the area, not to mention the run off effects further impacting the climate such as the increased traffic on the surrounding roads.


I oppose the creation of this mine.

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