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I would like to submit comments to the Fifteen Mile Gold Mine project. I stand firmly opposed to open pit mining and am frankly horrified that in 2021 in the height of climate crisis government is even considering this project. The Ecology Action Center has lengthy concerns about environmental impact and while I'm not an expert, any person who understands the basic premise of climate change understands that this is not, in any way, a reasonable time to disturb and destroy existing natural habitat. Especially for gold! Young people will not look back kindly on the decision to allow gold to ruin our beautiful natural resources. This decision matters for future generations and ignoring decades of evidence that mining is harmful is disgraceful. Gold is not worth it when the damage from that industry will be felt for years afterwards. 
Nature should never be destroyed - in fact we should be protecting whatever shreds of it remain intact. Gold is a shameful, harmful industry and gold itself does absolutely nothing to help our community. There are all kinds of precious species listed in the Fifteen Mile area and the idea of moving lichen for gold is appalling. 
Young people understand this basic idea not to destroy nature. It is my hope that older generations get bold and brave and say no to a terrible idea that benefits (financially) only a few while harming the rest of us. Nature needs our help, not our destruction. 
Please make the right decision and say no to open pit mining. Our lives depend on it. 
Shila LeBlanc
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Halifax NS 


I acknowledge the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet Peoples whose unceded (never surrendered) traditional territories we have the privilege to live and work on. We are all treaty people.
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