Eastern-Shore Nova Scotia Gold Mines

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I would like to say that I am against the development of the Beaver Dam mine site, and the proposed haul road from the Beaver Dam mine site to the Touquoy Mine site in Nova Scotia. I am also against other proposed mine sites in the Eastern-Shore area, such as the Fifteen Mine Stream site and the Cochrane Hill mine site, and other sites.

The gold mines, such as the Beaver Dam mine, will only provide a few temporary jobs for Nova Scotians. The majority of the profits will go to a foreign mining company, and not Nova Scotia. In return, Nova Scotians will be left with destroyed forests and habitat for native species, some endangered, and toxins in our groundwater and rivers that will be impossible to repair. These mines will endanger Atlantic salmon rehabilitation projects.

The mining company, Atlantic Gold (Australian owned) has shown that it is very lax regarding environmental regulations, as proven by the many fines and penalties they have received regarding their operations at the Touquoy Mine site in Moose River Nova Scotia. This company simply cannot be trusted to protect the environment in Nova Scotia and should not be allowed any further mining operations here. 

The people of Nova Scotia value its wilderness, lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands, and want these areas protected for future generations. Gold mines come and go, but once a forest has been destroyed, and the water poisoned with toxins, it will never be the same.  We do not want this to be our legacy.

Best Regards,

Mr. Carmen Lucas,
MIneville, Nova Scotia

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