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submitted by:Sandra Martin
December 16, 2021



Beaver Dam Mine Project

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I would like to register my opposition to Atlantic Gold's proposed open pit gold mine in Nova Scotia, otherwise known as the Beaver Dam project.

To begin, this gold mine will be developed by Atlantic Gold, which is now facing 32 environmental charges of   "failing to comply with the conditions of an approval" and "releasing substances into the environment in amount, concentration or level in excess of approval level or regulations." These charges do not provide a basis for trust in this company's ability or desire to follow through on agreements, regulations and the health of ecosystems and humans who rely on those ecosystems for their health, livelihood and well-being.
My concrete concerns are as follows:
  1. 1. The Nova Scotia Salmon Association has spent 17 years of intensive restorative work on the watersheds in this area. Their project, which has been financed by federal, provincial and private funding has gained significant successes in restoring and improving the health of the Atlantic salmon population. It makes no logical sense, both economically or environmentally, to jeopardise this project.
  2. 2.  We are in a climate and biodiversity crisis. Science tells us that intact, healthy forests able to support a rich, biodiverse ecosystem will help us mitigate the effects of stronger and less predictable natural occurrences. The development of this mine and the proposed haul road will mean clearcutting thousands of acres, resulting in the loss of important mainland moose habitat and loss of the very forests on which we must rely to decrease the effects of global warming.
  3. 3. Wetlands serve many important ecological functions and the federal government has committed to a no-net loss of wetland functions. Yet, the proposed Beaver Dam mine interferes with several wetland areas.   According to  Appendix F.7 (https://www.google.com/url?q=https://iaac-aeic.gc.ca/050/documents/p80111/141985E.pdf&sa=D&source=editors&ust=1639688080792000&usg=AOvVaw0rEtQtEfuxv-9Aqd9nr9fm)   of the Touquoy Integrated Water and Tailings Management Plan - Beaver Dam Gold Project - April 15, 2021  – it appears that the Year 5 Drainage and Infrastructure areas surrounding the open pit directly interfere with at least 8 wetland areas as well as watercourse #4. Wetland #15, a defined Wetland of Special Significance under the ECC Wetland Policy is bisected by the Year 5 Drainage Area within the Waste Rock Are a. However, in of the Beaver Dam Mine Project 2021 EIS, they state no additional disturbance of wetlands is required as part of the Beaver Dam Mine Project activities

    at Touquoy. This discrepancy must not be overlooked. The wetlands and watersheds of this area are too important, environmentally and socio-economically and too fragile to be placed in danger of being compromised.

  4. 4.

    The Mooseland Road will be upgraded by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure, essentially requiring Nova Scotian taxpayers to pay in part for the destruction of core moose habitat, the destruction of a successful and important wild salmon restoration project,  additional   loss of Crown Land and real concern by the Millbrook Mi'kmaq community for their health, livelihood and way of life.

In closing  I (Sandra Martin)  am  strongly opposed to the proposed Beaver Dam Mine project. The West River watershed and adjacent sub-watersheds are valuable and vulnerable resources that need our constant protection.  I stand in solidarity with conservation associations, residents and the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia in opposition to this proposal.


In this regard, I respectfully submit my response to the EIS.




Sandra Martin

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