Opposed - clean water for the future trumps short term profit for a few

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I am strongly opposed to this project. The unavoidable environmental poisoning that comes with resource extraction and mining on this scale has been proven over and over with the decimation of fresh water ecosystems across the country - how will this be any different? Fresh clean water = healthy ecosystems = biodiversity = life for humans. It's that simple. This ecosystem is fragile and the disturbance to the balance would not only undo decades of restoration work but take many more for life to bounce back in this area. What good are jobs for a few years if there is no fish in the water and animals on the land for our children and future generations? I am appalled that is is even a possibility - the intrinsic and ecosytem service value of an intact web of life far outweighs the 'need' for gold. I don't believe the retoric of 'mitigation' and 'avoidance' of environmental impacts - stating this is possible is simply untrue.

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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Revised Summary of the Environmental Impact Statement
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2021-12-17 - 11:07 PM
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