Open pit gold mines are a bad idea

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I would like to express my grave concern over the proposed Beaver dam gold mine.
The proposal will have far-reaching consequences for the wetlands, wildlife
habitat, and forests of Nova Scotia. It will reverse efforts to bring back
salmon, and endanger the health of the Millbrook first nation and other
inhabitants of the region. It will disrupt the endangered mainland moose.
The plan goes directly against the current
proclaimed goals of our provincial and federal governments regarding
combating climate change and protecting our natural resources.
Gold is not a critical mineral. Gold mining has one of the largest environmental
impacts of all metal mining. Allowing gold mining may give short-time benefits
in terms of revenue and jobs, but it leaves a long-time legacy that of
environmental degradation. Nova Scotia and Canada should value their natural
resources for their intrinsic value. This is what attracts tourists and
newcomers to the province. The pictures of the Touquoy gold mine are horrific;
big scars upon the landscape.

Submitted by
Jeannette Janssen
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Revised Summary of the Environmental Impact Statement
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2021-12-17 - 8:13 PM
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