No to Beaver Dam mine!

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I do not support the Beaver Dam gold project and I hear that sentiment echoed by many of my neighbours. I live not far from the area and grew up playing in the West River while visiting my grandparents.  


The Salmon Association have spent millions over the years to restore the watershed and the proximity of the tailing pond and pit are very concerning. Ecological disaster would be devastating to the area that has had such a great effort towards its recovery. The West River Watershed is too precious to risk, and the EIS doesn’t consider the watershed downstream enough. 


The Millbrook Band has spoken out against this mine.


There have also been many endangered moose sightings in the area. Considering how fragile this population is, a open pit mind would add another level of instability to the area.


It is hard to trust the promises of Atlantic Gold, especially considering the charges that they are currently facing. The short window of economical growth is nothing compared to the damage that could be caused if anything were to go wrong. Our waterways are the most important part of the landscape and need to be protected.

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Brett Hartlin
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2021-12-17 - 1:50 PM
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