Please reject Roberts Bank terminal expansion proposal

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We oppose the expansion of the Roberts Bank terminal for numerous reasons.  It violates the conclousions of the Review Panel, which stated bluntly that itt would impact the recovery of Southern Resident Orcas, and the salmon they depend on.  Moreover, it will impact numerous species of wilfdlife, incldng birds which rely on the estuary of the Fraser for their survicval.  Finally, we point out the Vancouver Port Authority has created the ECHO programme, which is intended to address the problems associated with vessel npise.  The proosal directly contradicts this objective.  We are appalled by the dishionesty this reveals.   At this point in human history, we all need to consider the future of our planet.  Will it survive the current Climate Crisis, or will it ewndure?  This is the existential question of our time.  We beg you to provide the appropriate answer to the proposed expansion: NO.

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Pacific Orca Society/OrcaLab
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2022-03-15 - 11:05 PM
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