Public Notice

Water Control Infrastructure and Dike Repair and Maintenance Part II - St. Clair National Wildlife Area – Public Comments Invited

April 25, 2024 – The authority must determine whether the proposed repair and maintenance , located in St. Clair National Wildlife Area is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this determination, the authority is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination. All comments received will be considered public and may be posted online.


Written comments must be submitted by May 30, 2024 to:

John Viengkone

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service

4905 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON M3H 5T4



The Proposed Project

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is proposing to undertake maintenance and repair activities to improve the dike infrastructure within the St. Clair National Wildlife Area, located in Pain Court, Ontario. These dikes are crucial to controlling the water levels within the National Wildlife Area. They also help mitigate the risk of flooding and improve wildlife habitat. Proper functioning of this infrastructure is necessary to ensure the effective management of the area for wildlife, their habitats, federal infrastructure, and public visitor access.

DUC will reconstruct and realign several dikes at the Bear Creek Unit using heavy machinery and imported materials. The dike tops at Bear Creek Unit will be regraded to allow for ease of travel and a generator will be installed to supply the existing Snye Cell pump station with electricity. At the St. Clair Unit the existing log boom will be replaced with a new boom with hanging debris panels. Both sites will have trees selectively removed to help stabilize the dikes from future structural damage.

The proposed work will be completed during the fall to winter within the Department of Fisheries and Oceans species at risk timing windows. Prior to any work commencing the areas will be searched by qualified individuals to remove any wildlife. Exposed soil and excavated material will be re-graded, stabilized and/or re-seeded using appropriate native plants, soils, seed mix and seed application at the completion of construction. Sediment and erosion control will be used where necessary.

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