Sunshine Village Ski Resort Long Range Plan – Public comments invited from May 20 to July 18, 2022  

May 20, 2022 – Parks Canada must decide whether the proposed project Sunshine Village Ski Resort Long Range Plan, located in Banff National Park is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. Parks Canada will be assessing this project using a Detailed Impact Assessment.

To help inform this decision, Parks Canada is issuing this notice of intent to make a determination and inviting comments from the public on the project's potential effects on the environment as the public consultation for this proposal. All comments received will be considered public. For more information on the public nature of your comments, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

In order to submit comments or request a copy of the draft Detailed Impact Assessment report, contact:

Banff National Parks Canada Agency Box 900
Banff, Alberta T1L 1K2

Comments must be submitted by July 18, 2022.

Project Summary: As per the Parks Canada Ski Area Management Guidelines (2006) and the supporting Parks Canada President and CEO Approved Site Guidelines for the Sunshine Village Ski Area (2018), Sunshine Village Corporation has proposed the following development and supporting key operational strategies as part of a 5-year Long Range Plan:
Key Development Proposals:
- Reclassification of existing temporary facilities to non-temporary commercial space;
- Additional chair capacity and expansion of parking rail at Teepee Town Chairlift;
- Goat's Eye II new chairlift and glades; and
- New Wolverine Day Lodge at the top of Wolverine Chairlift.
Key Operational Strategies:
- Water Management and Snowmaking Strategy;
- Staff Housing Strategy;
- Interpretation and Education Strategy;
- Transportation and Parking Strategy;
- Ski Run and Vegetation Management Strategy; and
- Environmental Management and Monitoring Strategy.
The development proposals and key operational strategies will align with the direction of the Site Guidelines, including the Ecological Management Parameters, Desired Outcomes and Key Objectives contained therein.

Scope of Assessment: The assessment completed will consider how the key development proposals, coupled with the goal of achieving a capacity of 8,500 skiers at one time, may affect local and regional wildlife, vegetation, soils and terrain, aquatic resources, cultural resources, visitor experience, World Heritage Site Outstanding Universal Value and Regional Infrastructure Capacity.

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