Notice of Impact Assessment Decision with Reasons

Ottawa — March 18, 2022 — The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) decided that an impact assessment is not required for the Horsefly Regional Emergency Spillway Project (the Project) located in Alberta.

In accordance with subsection 16(2) of the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), the Agency has taken into account each of the following factors:

  • the proponent's Detailed Project Description, and its response to the summary of relevant issues. The Agency is satisfied that, for the purpose of determining whether an impact assessment is required, this information provided by the proponent adequately characterizes the potential effects of the Project;
  • the possibility that carrying out the Project may cause adverse effects within federal jurisdiction and adverse direct and incidental effects;
  • adverse impacts that the Project may have on the rights of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982; and
  • comments received by the Agency from the public, Indigenous groups, federal authorities, and other jurisdictions in relation to the Project. These comments were reflected in the Summary of Issues.

The Strategic Assessment of Climate Change, released in July 2020, was deemed to be a strategic assessment conducted under section 95 of the IAA, and applies to designated projects under the IAA. Based on the information provided by the proponent, the Agency is of the view that the Project is unlikely to hinder the Government of Canada's ability to meet its commitments in respect of climate change.

The Project area has not been the subject of a federal regional assessment. The Agency is satisfied that the proponent has taken into account several regional plans, including the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, Intermunicipal Development Plans, Municipal Development Plan, and Area Structure Plans.

In light of the factors considered, the Agency is of the view that the potential adverse effects within federal jurisdiction, potential adverse direct and incidental effects, and the adverse effects on the rights of Indigenous peoples due to the Project would be limited. Potential adverse effects would be sufficiently addressed through existing legislative and regulatory frameworks and mitigation measures and commitments described by the proponent in the Detailed Project Description. As a result, the Agency has determined that an impact assessment under the IAA is not required.

For further information on this impact assessment, please contact:

Horsefly Regional Emergency Spillway Project
Impact Assessment Agency of Canada
Suite 1145, 9700 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5J 4C3
Telephone: 780-495-2037

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