Notice of Determination 

Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) has determined that the proposed Telecommunications and Carrier Services Main Point of Presence (MPOP) Project at AECL's Chalk River site is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Potential environmental effects will be managed through technically and economically feasible mitigation measures. For example, as per Section 79 of the Species at Risk Act, because the project has potential to affect a listed wildlife species or its critical habitat, Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) was notified in writing with a list of species impacted and the mitigation measures necessary.

With the mitigation measures listed below as well as other generic measures, this project is not likely to kill or harass Blanding's turtle's individuals or damage and destroy its residence or critical habitat.  For this reason, a permit under section 73 of SARA was not required by ECCC for this Project.  

Blanding's turtles, Snapping turtles, Midland painted turtles, Northern Map turtles and Eastern Musk turtles, (species at risk), have been identified in a few locations along the proposed installation route. The following mitigation measures will be implemented to ensure that any project-related potential impacts to potential species at risk will not likely harm or harass the species or damage and destroy its residence.

Adherence to timing windows:

  • Turtle species general active period: from April 1st to October 15st;
  • Blanding's Turtle terrestrial period: from May 1st to September 30th;
  • Migratory birds breeding season and bat roosting period: from April 8th to August 20th.

In addition, no vegetation removal activities during the migratory birds breeding period and the bat roosting period and no work permitted within the identified sensitive Areas during the Blanding's turtle terrestrial period (listed above).

As the federal authority Atomic Energy of Canada gives permission to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories to carry out the project, exercise any power, perform any duty or function, or provide financial assistance to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.

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