Oromocto First Nation Shoreline Project  – Public Comments Invited

June 24, 2021 – Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Oromocto First Nation Shoreline Project, located in Oromocto First Nation, NB is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by July 24, 2021 to:

Indigenous Services Canada – Environment

PO BOX 160

Amherst, NS

B4H 3Z3



The Proposed Project

Erosion along Indian Brook combined with a depositional delta at the mouth of the outlet into the Welastekw River have impacted the Oromocto First Nation community's use and connection to Indian Brook. Additionally, recent flooding events along the Welastekw have damaged the shoreline and put at risk the community's Powwow grounds and available space for other development opportunities.

Five main areas of concern along Indian Brook and the Welastekw were identified by community through on-site surveys. Phase 1 is proposed to occur this year and includes installation of twin 2,200 mm-diameter culverts and armoring the banks with 40 m of riprap at the crossing of Indian Brook by the baseball field. Bank stabilization and erosion protection measures are proposed for this location.  The proposed bank stabilization approach consists of gabion baskets filled with a mix of soil/rock. Live shrub cuttings and other vegetation will be driven into the gabions to provide a more natural aesthetic and improve resistance to erosion.  Above the gabions, the bank slopes will be stabilized using erosion resistant native vegetation species only.

The culverts will be large enough to accommodate flows generated by a 100-year rainfall event.  A downstream energy dissipation pool and fish baffles are also incorporated into the design to facilitate fish passage through the new culverts. A permanent crossing between the Health Centre on Nikia Drive and the newly upgraded baseball field is also to be built.  The proposed crossing will span from the Health Centre to the baseball field, with approximately 45 m of new 2 m wide gravel pathway.

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