Minister's Response


The Government of British Columbia is undertaking the construction of the Broadway Subway Project (the Project), an extension of the existing Millennium Line SkyTrain by 5.7 kilometres from the current terminus at the VCC-Clark SkyTrain Station to a new terminal station located at West Broadway Avenue and Arbutus Street. The Project would be located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Non-designated project


The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has considered the analysis of the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.

Under the Impact Assessment Act, the Minister must not make a designation as the carrying out of the Project has substantially begun. Therefore, the Minister has reached the decision that the designation must not be made for the following reasons:

  • the Project has substantially begun.
    • early works including property and land acquisition, utility and trolley wire relocation, demolition of buildings, and site preparation have been underway since early 2019; and
    • substantial in-ground works that are permanent and necessary for the Project, including construction of infrastructure for tunnel boring machines and power propulsion substations, have begun.

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