Notice of Determination

Victoria, BC – August 23, 2020 – The Canadian Coast Guard with has decided that the proposed Canadian Coast Guard Mount Gil Radio Site Upgrade and Radar Installation project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. This determination will only represent the first phase of this work for 2020-2021, which is soil excavation in the footprint of the new building and fuel tank and concrete pouring for the fuel tank pad and building footings. Another determination will be made in regards to the installation of the radar and fuel tank once additional details about the radar and fuel tank have been received. Radar and fuel tank installation are expected in 2021-2022. Work is to start August 25, 2020.

In making this determination, the Canadian Coast Guard with considered the following factors and mitigation measures:

  • Impacts on rights of Indigenous peoples: Engagement with the Gitga'at and Gixaala First Nations was conducted and both Nations have concerns related to the new radar installation. Further investigation into this system is occurring in order to answer questions from the Nations and prepare appropriate mitigation;
  • comments received from the public: No public comments were received;
  • mitigation measures: Canadian Coast Guard consulted a qualified environmental professional to perform an Environmental Site Assessment at Mt. Gil. Soil analysis confirmed metals and hydrocarbon contamination.
    Implementation of mitigation measures is required for the project to address:
  • Metals and hydrocarbon contamination in soils. A qualified environmental professional has been retained to assist with soil management and spot remediation in the areas to be excavated.
  • Work is occurring outside the bird nesting window for this area

The Canadian Coast Guard is satisfied that there is little potential for the project to cause adverse environmental effects on areas of federal jurisdiction. The work this year will improve the overall health of the site as impacted soils will be treated and/or removed from site. Environmental effects that are within provincial jurisdiction would be addressed through provincial regulations.

Therefore, the Canadian Coast Guard may exercise any power, perform any duty or function, or provide financial assistance to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.

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