Canadian Coast Guard Seal Cove Base Mid Shore Patrol Vessel Float Replacement

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Project on Federal Lands

July 2020 – February 2021

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The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is undertaking a project to replace the aging concrete Mid shore Patrol Vessel (MSPV) floats that are located along the east side of the main wharf. This float provides moorage for lifeboats and Search and Rescue (SAR) vessels stationed at Seal Cove base.

The proposed project involves the removal and installation of several floats at Seal Cove Base, as well as the installation of piles at this location. This project involves the replacement of five of the existing floats including the gangway float, and the installation of six new steel mooring piles in order to secure the floats. The floats are used by ATVs for delivering equipment to the lifeboats and SAR vessels. Upon completion, this project will minimize all associated risks to the site staff by allowing safe moorage of the MSPV vessel during all types of weather.

The float consists of three separate 2.4m wide concrete floats secured end to end resulting in a total length of 57m. The new float will be 1.255m wider to address the space issue. In addition to this, the gangway at float #2 and the float #10 will be replaced. Six new steel piles will be installed and the existing timber piles will remain – need the diameter and length. The total new float footprint will be  approximately 325 square meters, which will replace the existing float footprint of 244 square meters (an increase of 81 square meters). The floats will be located in the same locations as existing floats; the only difference will be that some of the floats are slightly wider (3.6 m wide instead of 2.45 or 3.2 m wide). The floats are prefabricated (timber and concrete) and will  be towed to the site

The new mooring piles (6 steel piles , 0,.46 m diameter, will have a total footprint of 0.98 square meters which is within the footprint of the floats. The water depth over the float area varies from approximately 3 m below low water to 9 m below low water (ie -3 m to -9 m chart datum).

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