Canadian Coast Guard Victoria Base – Wharf Refurbishment

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Project on Federal Lands

The project is estimated to start June, 2020  and be completed by December ,2020.

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This project involves refurbishing a section of the wharf at the Canadian Coast Guard Base, located in Victoria, BC. The wharf is located on the seaward side of the base, and is approximately 240m in length. It is critical to the daily operations of the Canadian Coast Guard in this region. It has been noted that sections of the concrete wharf are cracking and in need of repairs.  The proposed construction involves the removal and installation of several component between bents 13 and 15 on the wharf. This includes replacing the concrete deck and double tees, the lock block abutments and the retaining wall, as well repairs to the piles.

The removal and installation of the concrete decking and other components will be done using a crane. There will be some excavation work in order to repair the lock block abutment and retaining wall, and this will require an excavator or a similar type of equipment. The construction footprint will be very minimal as it is a like for like replacement of many of the existing members. Most of the construction will occur on sections of the wharf that are sitting above the water. There will be some work done on in-water structures, such as the piles. This work will be done during low-tide to minimize the impact on the surrounding aquatic environment.

In general, project works are proposed to start in April 2020 and end in November 2020. Within this eight month period, six months of pile installation is anticipated, as it involves drilling piles into bedrock and installing concrete rock sockets; however, project dates and duration will be dependent on the selected contractor's methodology. Key equipment and machinery that will be used on site includes: pile driving/crane barge, material supply barge, support tugs, mobile concrete batching plant, concrete delivery/mixing trucks, lifting crane for handling of steel piles and sheet pile panels on the ground.


The Victoria Coast Guard Base is located in James Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, on the coast of the inner harbour. The base is accessible via road access, as well as by water for vessel/barge access. The base is situated only 2km from downtown Victoria, and lies on the edge of the Victoria's inner harbour, which eventually funnels out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Coordinates: 48 25 9.15, -123 23 15.11

48.419208, -123.387531

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