Resource Document for Proposed Information Requests on the Sufficiency and Technical Merit of the Environmental Assessment

The Joint Review Panel for the Grassy Coal Mountain Project has invited Indigenous groups, government bodies, the public and other participants to submit comments on the sufficiency and technical merit of the environmental assessment information. Participants are also invited to make recommendations to the Joint Review Panel on additional information that it should receive prior to proceeding to a public hearing for the Project.

Purpose of this resource document

This resource document provides an optional template (see links below) to assist participants in their sufficiency review of the environmental assessment information, and to prepare proposed information requests they wish the Panel to consider when it decides whether and what additional information it needs. Use of the template is not mandatory. All submissions provided will be considered by the Joint Review Panel in determining the sufficiency and technical merit of the information, or whether additional information is required.

All documents submitted for the sufficiency review will be considered public and posted on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (the Registry), reference number reference number 80101.

Guidance for the sufficiency review

When reviewing the environmental assessment information, participants should consider the technical validity of the information, methods and analysis used, as well as the conclusions regarding the significance of any environmental effects, proposed mitigation measures and plans for related follow-up programs.

How to complete the Proposed Information Request template:

  • Download your preferred version of the template (PDF or Microsoft Word).
  • Use the headings provided in the table, and to the best of your ability, identify: the location of the information in the EIS, its addenda, or other record; a rationale as to why the Panel requires the information; and, if possible, a request for what specific additional information is required.
  • Please email your comments or a completed comment form to by October 24, 2019.


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