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From Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency re: request for advice and comments on Pacific NorthWest LNG Ltd.'s November 10, 2015 submission (see reference document #87)

Natural Resources Canada Advice

  • Letter from Natural Resources Canada: Response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's November 12, 2015 Request for Advice and Assessment of the 3D Modelling Update Report (November 2015) for the Pacific Northwest LNG Project (PDF - 284 KB)
  • Attachment 1: Chronology of key Pacific NorthWest LNG modelling studies and corresponding Natural Resources Canada technical submissions to support the assessment of modelling of potential effects of marine structures on site hydrodynamics, sedimentation and fish and fish habitat (PDF - 200 KB)
  • Attachment 2: Natural Resources Canada's January 2016 Response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's Request for Advice (November 12, 2015) for the Pacific NorthWest LNG Project (PDF - 299 KB)
  • Attachment 3: Natural Resources Canada's January 2016 Assessment of the Pacific NorthWest LNG Supplemental Modelling Report - 3D Modelling Update (November, 2015) (PDF - 317 KB)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Advice

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