The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) produces a variety of publications about environmental assessment.

Many of the Agency’s publications can be accessed in both HTML and Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). Visit the Help page for information about accessing PDF documents. Contact the Agency at for archived publications and alternative formats.

  • Resources for Environmental Assessment Professionals
    Working in partnership with experts and practitioners, the Agency develops and delivers training sessions and guidance materials to assist stakeholders in meeting their obligations under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
  • Environmental Assessment in Canada
    The Agency manages federal environmental assessment in Canada and is committed to providing the public with information about the environmental assessment process. This section includes reports about the role of the Agency and federal environmental assessment in Canada.
  • Environmental Assessment Reports
    The responsible authority or review panel prepares an environmental assessment report presenting its views regarding the project's environmental effects, mitigation measures and the significance of any adverse effects after taking the mitigation into account. Environmental assessment reports, if available, can be found with the documents related to the project in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry.
  • Quality Assurance Program
    The Quality Assurance Program (2003 to 2012) addressed both compliance and quality considerations through the continuous improvement of the quality of assessments and through ongoing identification of possibilities for improving policies, procedures and legislation.
  • Accountability, Performance and Financial Reporting
    The Agency produces reports relating to its programs and operations. These include the Reports on Plans and Priorities, the Departmental Performance Reports, and other financial reports.
  • International Environmental Assessment
    The Agency is committed to promoting and improving delivery of its mandate so it regularly conducts and contributes to international reports concerning environmental assessment. This section includes reports from the International Study of the Effectiveness of Environmental Assessment.
  • Sustainable Development
    The Agency is committed to promoting sustainable development in Canada. Publications related to sustainable development outline the Agency’s efforts to ensure environmental sustainability while promoting sustainable economic development.
  • Publications Order Form
    In addition to being accessible online, publications may also be ordered using the Publications Order Form.