Public Participation

Public participation in federal environmental assessment (EA) ensures an open, balanced process and strengthens the quality and credibility of a project’s review. Local and traditional knowledge about a project's physical location can help to identify and address potential environmental effects at the early stage of an environmental assessment.

There are a number of opportunities to participate in federal EAs under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.

How to Get Involved:

  • Check the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry for information on projects and current opportunities to participate;
  • Apply for funding to assist your participation, or that of your organization or group, in an EA through the Agency's Participant Funding Program;
  • Submit comments at key points in an EA process. Public comments are taken into account before decisions are made; and
  • Participate in information sessions and public hearings associated with a review panel.

The Basics of Environmental Assessment provides more detailed information on the steps in the EA process and when opportunities for the public to participate occur.