Submit a project description for an environmental assessment

Regulations Designating Physical Activities require that a project description be submitted in order to determine whether a federal environmental assessment is required for a designated project.

The Guide to Preparing a Description of a Designated Project specifies the information that is required in a project description to:

  • conform with the requirements set out in the Prescribed Information for a Description of a Designated Project Regulations;
  • inform the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency of the possibility that the carrying out of the designated project may cause adverse environmental effects;
  • determine whether an environmental assessment is required under Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.

Submitting a project description

To submit your project description for review, please click on the link below:

Submit Project Description

Note: The “Submit Project Description” link uses a Java applet which can be executed by browsers for many platforms, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Mac OS and Linux.

To download java and/or to verify if java is already installed on your computer visit:


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